Dynamism, efficiency, and flexibility are the core values of Remedy Istanbul. We always look for goal&detail-oriented teammates who fit into these core values. If you aim a career in the tourism sector and want to be a part of an experienced team, let us know!

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Disclaimer: Remedy Istanbul warns you to be aware of scams include pseudo job opportunities and offers. Only authorized Remedy Istanbul representatives will contact you regarding your application, and never ask for credit card and banking information to cover any expense and/or cost. If you already received a pseudo job offer on behalf of Remedy Istanbul, we recommend you contact appropriate authorities. Remedy Istanbul does not take any responsibilities in such cases.

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À propos de Remedy Istanbul

Remedy Istanbul est une société de tourisme médical qui fournit des services médicaux VIP à des prix équitables, dans les meilleur hôpitaux avec des médecins experts. Remedy Istanbul est accrédite par le ministére de la Santé et le Ministére de la Culture et du Tourisme.

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